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No matter the structure, whether it is your home, office, or warehouse, concrete is used in the foundation. It shouldn't come as a surprise, then, that polished concrete is replacing other interior design materials in many residential, commercial, and industrial buildings in Brookline MA. Although concrete offers excellent performance and durability, it can be challenging to maintain in its original state. Concrete is porous and prone to chipping, dusty, and staining when installed initially as flooring. In addition, water and other liquids can easily seep into and damage it.

At Epoxy Flooring Boston, we employ a multi-step procedure that involves mechanically honing and grinding the concrete, polishing it, and cutting the concrete's surface with diamond discs. As the concrete slab is hardened and sealed to prevent damage, this procedure produces various amounts of stone exposure and gloss.

The end product is an elegant concrete floor with many advantages. Our polished concrete floors are perfect for commercial buildings like hotels, office buildings, warehouses, retail stores, grocery stores, bars, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, logistical centers, distribution centers, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and many more locations around Brookline MA.

Benefits Of Polished Concrete Brookline MA

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We apply a concrete hardener when polishing the concrete to make it harder, dustproof, and less prone to damage from high traffic. In addition, the concrete slab won't need to be replaced like other flooring options because it is a structural component of your building.

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Easy To Clean

Because polished concrete has a surface that is smooth and glass-like, it won't collect dust, filth, or allergens, it is easy to clean and only needs the occasional damp mopping. In addition, the polished concrete's glossy surface is resistant to stains from oil and chemical spills and tire marks from forklift trucks.

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Cost Effective

Finishing the concrete floor is more affordable than using a more conventional type of flooring. In addition, you don't need any floor covering supplies, which significantly lowers your maintenance costs.

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Polished concrete can significantly reduce the dusting that unpolished and unsealed concrete produces once there is wear and tear. By removing concrete dust, manufacturing tools and equipment operate better, and health and safety are improved.

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Improves Lighting

A decorative polished concrete floor's reflective qualities maximize illumination in any area while lowering energy costs, boosting safety, and presenting your facilities in the best possible way. Polished concrete is the ideal floor to give your Brookline MA restaurant, hotel, or shop a bright, tidy, and professional appearance.

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When using polished concrete, you can select the sheen and degree of stone exposure (from a satin to a gloss finish). You have the option of a beautiful, high-gloss stone exposure or a rustic and industrial appearance. Utilizing stains and dyes will help you improve the appearance of your polished concrete.

Concrete Polishing In BostonPolished Concrete In Boston MassachusettsConcrete Polishing In Boston

How We Polish Concrete Floors In Brookline MA

Almost any concrete floor that is structurally sound, regardless of how old it is, can be polished. In addition, after 28 days, freshly constructed concrete floors can be polished.

We begin by grinding the concrete floor mechanically until all grit, filth, oil, glue, paint, and stains have been eliminated.  We also want to expose any stones in the concrete slab at this point.

We patch up all of the Brookline MA floor's holes and cracks after the concrete has been fully ground. The finished floor gains additional appeal by having the holes and cracks repaired while yet maintaining its structural integrity.

Once the concrete slab is prepared, and the stones are visible, we use a range of diamond grits to make numerous passes over the floor. After using concrete grout to patch up any remaining divots and cracks, the first phase is completed with a concrete hardener and left to cure overnight.

After the concrete hardener has dried, we switch to resin pads and start polishing the concrete with progressively finer grits until the required sheen is achieved. Cleaning the floor, applying a stain guard, and burnishing it are the last steps.

Concrete Polishing In Boston

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