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Tile Removal In Boston

Tile Removal Boston

Is your ceramic tile flooring getting old for you? Do you want to remodel your Boston house, but you hate taking off the tiles.

When installed with the traditional method, your old ceramic tile floor produces and disperses fine dust throughout your property. There is roughly one pound of dust produced every square foot during the process.

We have you covered at Epoxy Flooring Boston with our quick, dust-free tile removal service. We use specialized tile removal equipment that gathers dust as it is created (even the microscopic particles that are invisible to the naked eye) instead of letting it hang in the air.

For a quick, dust-free service that leaves a floor slab ready for the installation of your new flooring, use our tile removal service in Boston.

Boston Concrete Grinding

Do you require a spotless, smooth concrete floor for your upcoming flooring project in Boston?

To prepare your concrete for the chosen floor finish, Epoxy Flooring Boston offers mechanical concrete grinding to remove any dirt, filth, stains, old paint, oils, or concrete overlays.

Because every batch of concrete is unique in terms of texture, composition, and hardness, we employ various grinding heads to produce the proper concrete profile.

Our concrete grinding in Boston is a fast, effective, and dust-free technique.

Concrete Grinding In Boston
Concrete Floor Glue Removal In Boston

Floor Glue Removal Boston

Did your concrete slab's former flooring adhere to it?

We can remove any glue from hardwood, vinyl, ceramic tiles, stone flooring, or carpeting using our state-of-the-art equipment.

Our concrete grinders use special glue removal disks to remove mastic adhesive, so we can quickly get rid of any sticky glue, leaving a clean, dust-free concrete floor ready for your new floor covering.

Carpet Remvoal Boston

Are you prepared to get rid of the old carpets that have been covered in dirt and dust for years? While removing your carpet may seem like a simple task, it is laborious and backbreaking.

Your old carpet must be cut, rolled into bundles, tied, and carried away when the room has been cleared out to be successfully removed. Not to mention the fact that not all carpets can be thrown out with the regular garbage.

At Epoxy Flooring Boston, we specialize in the speedy and effective removal of carpeting and vinyl flooring from residential and commercial spaces.

We take special care to guarantee that your floor is left ready for your new flooring when we perform your carpet removal.

Concrete Grinding In Boston

Concrete Floor Services Near Me

For residential, commercial, and industrial environments, Epoxy Flooring Boston specializes in various decorative concrete flooring options. We provide services throughout Massachusetts and all of Boston.

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