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What Is Concrete Staining?

Do you wish to refresh the concrete flooring in Boston on a tight budget? Concrete staining is the best choice if you want a durable decorative solution for your floors.

Acid stains are translucent, penetrating stains that react chemically with the hydrated lime in the concrete to etch and permanently alter the color of the concrete mildly. On indoor and outdoor concrete floors in homes and businesses, acid staining and concrete dyeing can be used to achieve various colors and effects.

Our acid stains are designed to infuse your concrete floor in Boston with rich, deep, and translucent earth tones and add color to them.  With acid staining, no two floors will ever have the same appearance because the outcome varies according to the concrete's composition, age, and surface porosity.

Benefits Of Concrete Floor Staining

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Acid stains don't wear out, chip, discolor, or fade over time since they deeply penetrate the concrete. The surface is impervious to moisture, UV light, and corrosion.

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Easy To Clean

Concrete stained floors are easy to keep clean and maintain, much like other smooth, non-porous surfaces. In addition, it will improve the health of your family, clients, or employees by keeping out allergens and pathogens like dust mites and pollen.

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Budget Friendly

No expensive materials or equipment are needed; we merely prepare the concrete floor and apply the acid stain, lowering the overall labor cost.

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Anti Slip Option

The clear topcoat can optionally have an anti-slip agent put in it to improve safety and avoid slip-and-fall events when the Boston weather is wet and cold.

Concrete Staining In Boston MA
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Epoxy Flooring Boston has over 30 distinct colors of acid stains that can improve the appearance of your interior as well as your concrete.

How We Stain Concrete

The floor preparation is essential for producing the best finished product, just like with every floor we do.

Concrete stains cannot react with the concrete if it has paint, wood stains, tile or carpet adhesives, grease, or pet stains on it. Therefore, to get rid of all of them and create a clean surface, we must first mechanically grind the surface.

After the concrete is fully ground, we fix all the holes and cracks.
To maintain the structural integrity of your acid-stained concrete, completing this straightforward process of sealing the floor's defects is essential.

Once we are satisfied with how the concrete slab looks, we evenly spray the concrete with acid stain. After that, we let it work its magic while penetrating the concrete.

To safeguard and prolong the life of your stained concrete floor, we remove the surplus acid once the stains have reached the correct shades.

Acid Staining In Boston

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